Projector FAQs 101: Do projectors Emit Blue Light that can Damage your Eyes?

Projector blue light emission


When choosing a projector, you need to think about your health first. Projectors tend to cause eye health issues. They emit a blue light that brings about blue light eye strain. The projector blue light may seem cool to look at, but it causes harm to your retina. What can cause damage to the eyes is the short wavelength allowed to access your eye lens and retina indirectly.

Projectors indeed emit blue light, but not in the same manner as the TV. The light is meant to reflect where the image or content will be viewed. This blue light is not for your direct eye use. If the light hits you directly in your eyes, you may face some eye problems.

This article will help you understand why it is important to keep off the blue light. You will learn the precautions to take to keep your health intact and to prevent projector eye damage. Projectors are meant for entertainment. They are not supposed to be causes of health problems.

Brief background about blue light

Understanding blue light

Projector blue light is typically a part of the visible light spectrum. It is the light that the human eye can see. This light comes with a short wavelength and high energy. The blue light vibrates in a range of 380 to the 500-nanometer range.

Blue light source

It is said that a certain percentage of the entire visible light is blue light. However, the main source of blue light is sunlight. Electronics like projectors are a part of artificial sources of blue light.

Electronics that emit blue light

Other sources of blue light include smartphones, computer monitors, flat-screen LED TVs, tablet screens, fluorescent light, and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.

TV vs Projector blue light emission

When deciding between a TV vs Projector, what you should bear in mind is light emission. I will emphasize on blue light emission and which of the two emits more blue light.

Projector blue light emission

You have to understand that even though the projector emit blue light, your eyes are not supposed to come into contact with it. The projector light is technically reflected towards where the content will be viewed. That way, it minimizes the amount of light that would have come into contact with your eyes. By doing that, your eyes are not affected hence kept safe. A projector hurt eyes only if you look into the lens directly. If that happens, you will suffer from projector eye damage.

TV blue light emission

Blue-light exposure from TVs is a major concern in our society today. This is because many people want to live a healthy life. But, is that possible with the blue light emission from TVs? It is possible, but only if you limit your screen time. The more hours you spend staring at your screen, the more damage your eyes will suffer. If you are watching a blue light movie, spend minimal hours watching it. The moment you are exposed to blue light movie eye damage, your entire health will be at risk.

Safety features for TV vs Projectors blue light emission

When it comes to TVs vs projectors, projectors have better safety features.

  • There are special-purpose glasses you can wear while operating the projector to prevent projector eye strain.
  • On your TV, a blue light filter can be placed to prevent eye strain. You can also adjust the brightness of your TV. This will go a long way in reducing eye strain.


Safety Precautions for blue light emission

Effects of blue light

You are aware that spending a lot of time looking at your TV screen can cause health problems. To be precise, your sight will be affected. The effects of blue light include;

  • Blue light can cause eyestrain. You may end up having blurred vision and irritated eyes.
  • The blue light can affect your sleep cycle hence affecting your sleep.
  • Certain cancers have been caused by blue light exposure.
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Blue light prevention

Blue light should not be entertained. That is why any measure that can mitigate it should be put into action.

Here are some of the things that can be done to prevent projector blue light;

  • Make use of a filter. Look for a screen filter and add it to your screen. This will go a long way in filtering the amount of blue light emitted.
  • Change the settings. You can minimize your screen’s brightness to prevent eyestrain. Once you do that, you will enjoy better sleep.
  • Minimize on-screen time. Are you ready to cut down on the time you spent on your TV screen? Because that is one of the efficient ways to mitigate blue light.
  • Take a break. At night that is when our screens come to life. However, you can choose to take a break from the blue light at night. Switch off your TV screen three hours before you actually sleep.


Big question: Does projector emit blue light?

Yes. The projector emits blue light from its lens.

The extent of its blue light emission is neither big nor small. It is dependent on the size of the lens.

Does projector blue light harm the eye?

From our earlier discussion, it’s evident that projector blue light causes harm to the eye. This happens when the blue light projector emits comes into direct contact with the eyes.

Of course, the blue light from the projector hurt eyes. You will suffer from projector eye strain.


Safety Precautions when looking at projectors

When using projectors in your home theater, there are safety precautions you should bear in mind to prevent projector eye damage.

They will go a long way in preventing blue light movie eye damage. In many instances, the blue light movie is the cause of eye strain and, more so, in a blue light theatre.

 Let us look at the safety precautions you should consider: –

Avoid looking at the projector lens – Staring directly into the lens of the projector, especially when it’s on it, is very wrong. This is because it emits a huge amount of blue light that can lead to projector eye damage. So, when you look directly into the lens, your eyes suffer. Your eyes and other parts of your body will suffer too. Avoid also looking into the lens of a laser projector no matter how weak the laser projector blue light is.

  • Use protective gear – Anytime you want to open your project, learn to put on protective eye gear. Never open a projector with it facing your face and eyes directly. This will help in preventing projector eye damage to your retina.
  • Turn off the projector before opening up – Always adhere to the rule of never operating an open projector. Ensure it is turned off before you lift up the panels. The lens-to-screen distance is critical for it will prevent exposure from IR light and UV. That can make your eyes burn or even lead to momentary blindness.
  • Follow the 20-20-20 rules for eyes – If you plan to watch movies for hours, you need to adhere to the 20-20-20 rules meant for the eyes. This is how the rule goes; look at the projector for 20 minutes, then look at something else that is 20 feet away for not less than 20 seconds. All these is meant to rest your eyes. By doing that, you tremendously minimize the chances of eye strain.
  • Correct accessories – When using a projector, gather all the right accessories first. Get the proper screes and good mounts. Next is to ensure the projector is projecting at a distance. That ensures no one is exposed to the blue projector light. Don’t sit too close; learn to keep an appropriate distance.
  • Place it safely – The moment you consider the safe placement of your projector, you will always be safe. Mount the projector at a place that your eyes cannot come into contact with its lens.



We all love the theatre. Watching movies at the cinema is simply exhilarating. However, the led projector blue light can be quite dangerous, especially to the eyes. Projector blue light is the cause of projector eye damage. It would be best if you, therefore, were careful when handling your projector or screen. Using an eye projector protector, you can keep your eyes safe. Well, it is not bad to enjoy watching the movies you love. What you should be careful about is keeping your health well taken care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is a 4K projector worth it?

Yes, it is because it will deliver high-quality media. It will have better contrast, brightness, and high resolution. With all that, it is worth the cost.

  1. Can a projector work on a grey wall?

A projector can work pretty well on a grey wall or a black one.

  1. Which of the color lasers is most dangerous?

Violet and blue lasers are mainly dangerous. This is because your eyes are not designed to be extra sensitive to blue and violet.

  1. Which color light is responsible for promoting sleep?

The green light works excellently in promoting sleep. Blue light is the opposite, for it delays sleep.