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Is the projector portable or will it need to have a permanent mounting? Which type fits my conference room needs best?
• What types of presentations will the projector be used for?
• How much does the projector cost?
• Does that cost fit my budget for buying a new conference room projector?
• Is there a service contract available for the projector?
• What is the repair policy for the projector?
• Is the company I’m thinking of buying the projector from a reputable and reliable one?
• Will the projector require any special maintenance or periodic service checks?
• Are any special supplies needed for the projector?
• Is the size appropriate for the conference room?
• If it’s portable, how much does it weigh?
• Should I rent, lease, or buy?
• Is the quality of the brightness satisfactory for the size of my conference room?
• Do I need to save the receipt so that I can take the purchase off on my taxes?

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